India experiencing a silent revolution ,Once again.

 A Revival of Bahujan moment in India.

"who wants prose when we have poetry" well suited on Indian politics Similarly who bother about intellectual talks when we have appealing speeches of' "minotaur" leaders  who has a body of human supplemented with unproductive bull brain. Because they are good poet instead of  a leader with factual ethos and innovative idea we can easily find some hilarious poetic devises in political speeches of our domestic politicians. However, what we called a state? A state is an agreement between ruler and those who ruled by rulers by making a general consent people choose a guardian of society to guard them and make there life more leisure and comfortable. which is the only goal of society although It must be the goal of any society to make them more advance equal and more comfortable . politics is not a spiritual but completely a materialistic idea if you are a student of political science you must understood this better but unfortunately Indian politics  is ridden by some orthodox spiritual and fragile goons "fragile physically, fragile mentally" in order to make life comfortable we need our thought maker leaders more scientific and impartial. though they are not making life comfortable of common people but they are manufacturing capitalist with millions of dollars! which increasing relative inequality in society nothing is much lethal then this . 

we are about one party dominance as it was in 1950s. However, there was a golden age in Indian politics when Indian society is going through a silent revolution all over the country. which resulted in a complete Bahujan movement pinned by one of the Iconic social leader Kanshiram of Punjab  . It was a time when cry of depressed people got some corner in room of Indian politics. But it started loosening there brightness as we were entering in the twenty first century. But again we are seeing some huge Disruption in Indian politics once again with entry of some astute leader on behalf of Bahujan people's. similar kind of  millennial twist we are tracing in politics of our native new marked union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. progeny of old warrior of salient revolution comes to stream a defiance in against of authoritarian regime ruling in India This is what they mention in there statement in course of our talk with "Mr. Manmohan thappa "
Aspiring leader for upcoming  DDC election in union territory of Jammu and kashmir . He got election mandate from BSP party few days before . He said now this passion and enthusiasm for his society will blow the throne of this authoritarian regime.

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