BJP about to end the reservation in IIT's

 If merit must be the only measurement of excellency, why the Parliament of biggest Democracy of the World full of morons, rapists , murders and criminals?

Ministry of education or Union Ministry of Education has recommended to exempted the institutions like IITs from existing reservation policies in faculty recruitment. In a report submitted to government of India in June, The panel comprises of IIT Directors and others because these "institutes of national importance " and are involve in research .Being recognised as institutions of national importance under an Act of Parliament ,IITs have listed under (clause4 )of the CEI (Reservation in Teacher's cadre).
According to the clause 4 of the CEI Act institutions of excellence are exempted from granting caste based reservation in faculty hiring .
At this time eight institutions falls under this Act ---- the Tata Institution of Fundamental research in Mumbai , National Brain Research centre Gurgaon ,North-Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health and medical Science in Shillong , Jawaharlal Nehru centre for Advanced Scientific Research in Bengaluru , Physical Research Laboratory in Thiruvananthapuram , Indian Institute of Remote sensing in Dehradun and Homi Bhabha National Institute.
When some media houses went to confirm this Report from Ministry ,Ministry did not comment on it .
According to the committee suggestions in two parts, reservation should not be granted to professors but only to the associate Professors. Another suggestion was that, If vacancies not filled up with adequate representation of SC/ST/OBC .Due to non-availability of suitable candidates of these categories seats will be open to other people .
This harsh decision of Centre may make distrust in Depressed communities .BJP is always known for their Radical character about decision making and implementing laws at rapid phase . But this time it may compromise his Vote percentage. It looks so contradicting at first place BJP Govt passed the bill of Reservation for Economic weaker Section (EWS) by inserting new Articles 15(6) and 16 (6) of the constitution , is to be decided by State government.

BJP'S idea of inequality reflect certain flaws . It is not true to say that only Economic inequality the only Inequality in our societies .But there are social , religious , regional and racial inequalities are prevailed over the societal arrangements in our country .A country like us with ample of social diversity and caste division its entirely insensible to consider Economic Inequality and ignore the caste base division . It shows the Casteist and partial mentality of government, at first place government advocating the idea of economic base reservation and at another side government about to end the caste based reservation to the most Marginalised sections of this country .They give that fact that cast based reservation compromising the merit and talent in this Country but they never mention that at what extend the cast and varna system in Hindu community slaughtering the talent of not only lower cast people but of Women's ,Women's of lower caste as well as upper caste women . If merit must be the only measurement of excellency then why Indian parliament is full of morons ,murders , rapists ? 
why government never passed any Radical bill/law in parliament when BJP have overwhelming majority in both the Houses of parliament .

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