For this Government privacy of large Corporate houses are important other then the rights of commoner .

It is a democracy not with the power of people but with the power of money. A mega fraud with Indian people by their own Representatives in parliament. 

An appeal was filed by activist Vihar Durve, inter alia seeking information from CPIO, SBI, about scheme donors and donees. under the Electoral bond system, The Union budget in 2017 had a full section on reforms in political funding the scheme helps in forming an unholy nexus between political parties and corporate donors
The Central Information Commission of India held that disclosure of the names of political parties to whom contributions are made under the electoral bonds and donees thereof is not in the public interest.
                                  " There appears to be no larger public interest overriding the right to privacy of the donors and donees concerned, the Commission held".
It further concurred with the Respondent-CPIO that the disclosure of the name of donors and donees of electoral bonds from books of accounts may be in contravention of the provisions mentioned under section 8 (1 ) (e) and (j) of RTI act.
Central Government defended the scheme and stated that it will promote transparency in funding and donation to the political parties.
How these electoral bonds will appreciate the transparency in the Indian political system? No chance of transparency when people are unaware of fundings received by political parties.

RBI'S Stand on electoral bond law 
According to RBI governor of that Mr. urjit Patel he warned Indian people at that time Said The electoral bond is a bearer instrument which authorizes the holder to encash in the nature of a promissory note and an interest-free banking instrument. Such an instrument provides anonymity to the purchaser as well as but at the same time establishes a transparent political funding system. It may also increase money laundering when no one eyeing these transactions.

Why Indian people do not have the right to get the information of working democracy?

Although it is democracy what kind of democracy is this when you have the right information to know who is driving your political parties. We must not forget that Political parties of any democracy are a founding feature of democracy and if a party is dominated by few people with there money power and if that party is ruling you then it is a party dictatorship imposed on you in the name of democracy

Bjp received Rs 553 crore in income from unknown sources.

BjP received 553 crores from unknow sources how someone will justifie this ? amounting to over four times the income received by five other national parties - the congress, the Trinamool congress and the communist party of india combined. A non-governmental organisation that works on issues of electoral reform reveals that the BJP's unknow income consitutes over 80 percent of the total unknown income consititues over 80 percent of the total unknow income all the sir parties in 2017-18 sum of Rs 689.44 crore.

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