Humans intended to sway the green planet, but the planet smashed and tear down the humanity!

Humans intended to sway the green planet, but the planet smashed and tear down the humanity. Ab initio, humans were less concerned about technology and scientific inventions. They were influenced by surroundings and environment. We considered it as the naturalisation of humans. With passaging time, humans began to dominate the nature and later it became humanisation of nature. Humans create possibilities from the nature and with the explosion of population, nature became queasy and upset from humans. Thus, culminated in floods, soil erosion and increasing temperatures.
You may have noticed why the sudden rise in temperature of earth’s surface? Is it over-population or destruction of natural resources? 
Climate is rapidly changing on earth. In the beginning, earth was warmed and cooled in a cycle. Earth received more or less sunlight because of subtle shifts in the orbit, or when sun’s energy varied. But in the past a few decades, another potency has started to control and rule earth : Humanity.
The temperature on earth’s surface has actually doubled in past 59 years. 
In copious agreements on climate change, we chattered about green house emissions, industrial  cause and other serious issues. Nonetheless we mentioned  the humanity: the actual cause. On one side of a wall, many tourists and travelers pretend to be nature lovers but, on the other side of the same wall they adulterate and defile the same scenic spots they pretend to love. Industrialisation, technology and artificial services were our obligation. Until or unless the willingness of humans is refashioned and recasted, nihility is feasible.
What readers can do? 

Shag this screwed generation and educate the coming generation. The present mindset is impractical to change but the present age group from 0-9 years and the upcoming ones could make a sense. A realistic approach has to be followed by everyone. Nobody is giving a shit to the strikes for the prosperity. The question is not ‘How has ecological imbalance affected humanity’. The question is, How humanity has affected the ecology? 
I urge readers that the problem of overpopulation has to be controlled despite of cultural, emotional or religious sensitivity. One should abstain from sex without condoms. For instance, excessive quantity of apples in the crate can tear that apart, likely excessive population may knock down the planet earth. Everyone should know we don’t need a mess on earth. 
‘Interstellar’ movie has to prove itself wrong. We need not to travel through the wormholes and black holes to search home for us in another galaxy. 

Marine ecosystem is also at danger. All the living organisms on earth are equal irrespective of their roles. Contamination of water is a serious threat that humans need to incorporate. Do you know that the green algae on the water bodies can create an obstacle for our aquatic neighbours to get sufficient oxygen. You should aware yourself not only on the killings of humans but marine neighbours too. 
The expansion of civilisation has put burden on the natural resources. Sunlight isn’t fully utilised actually. In order to maintain ecological balance, we should care natural resources as gold and diamonds or priceless items at home.  I thus request readers to discuss with their family and friends on a priority base.

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