Reservation for poor Brahmins in karnataka

In every speech and congregation, you will surely find the Bjp always claim that they treat all Hindus equally, and perhaps that is a reason they want to end caste-based reservation in India but on screen, the case is completely opposite to what bjp tried to plot.
Recently karnataka government approved the two schemes suggested by the brahmin development board one scheme offering Rs 3 lakh to 25 brahmin women who marry priests from the economically weak background and the other one is offering Rs 25000 each for the marriage of 550 women from an economically weak section of Karnataka 

Arundhati scheme 

under this scheme, 550 brahmin women from a poor background will be given Rs 2500 each for their marriage.

Maitreyi scheme 

under this scheme, a financial bond of Rs 3 lakh which is to be used over three years will be created for 25 women who marry Brahmin priests from a poor background 
It is compulsory for couples to stay married in order to avail this Maitreyi scheme . Installments of Rs 1 lakh will be paid at the end of each year of the marriage.

The board's marriage scheme is on the lines of another scheme Shaadi Bhagya  - that was launched in 2013 by the Congress government. Yediyurappa had then criticized by saying that it should encompass all the poor communities.

what is the definition of poor for BJP?

So many times it is believed that for Bjp the definition of poor is quite simple and absolute whosoever is economically poor is poor then why Bjp providing financial assistance specifically to the brahmins only? why they did not include all other poor communities of Karnataka state. Although only three percent of the Karnataka's population belongs to brahmins.

Schlorship for poor Brahamin families 

Rs 14 crore has also been allocated to assist poor brahamin student in the form of scholarship , fee payments and providing training who have passed the prelimenary stage of examinations such as UPSC.

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