Delhi became the most polluted city in the entire world again. Aren’t we creating a serious threat to our existence?

A shocking reality comes in front of us through a recent Tuesday’s report prepared by ‘Swiss Organization IQAir’ on ‘World’s most polluted cities’. The report revealed that out of the 30 most polluted cities of the world, 22 are in India. And to our shocking surprise—Delhi comes out as the most polluted city in the world. In November and December of last year, Delhi had average PM 2.5 levels which crossed the WHO’S annual exposure guideline by over 14 times. We , Indians are becoming No.1 in various fields and we even gain the topmost position in creating pollution. We are definitely aware of the sources of air pollutants as, from the primary levels of the school, causes of air pollution are being taught to the students. But these students when pass out from the school, they forget this issue. 

Every person in our country wants to own 2 - 3 vehicles. No one wants to travel by public transport. People have at least 1 to 2 vehicles in their houses. Transportation contributes a major role in polluting the air. Now when we haven’t left the fresh air and after using fossil fuels abundantly, we are slowly moving towards electric vehicles in this era. While several foreign countries have adopted electric vehicles way before 20th century. Many rural people in the country use biomass cookstoves for cooking, which needs burning of wood and charcoal. Their half income goes into just buying wood or charcoal. Nowadays, various modified biomass cookstoves are available in the market, but they are not the solution of the problem as they still need the charcoal or wood to heat up. Here, buildings construct but that too with creating a lot of pollution into the air. Builders don’t try to find ways to create fewer dust particles at construction sites. They are just concerned with their work and money. Government pay no heed to the factories and industries which release poisonous gases into the air. We can see everywhere there are various types of polythene bags and plastic packaging which people throw in garbage after a single use. Enormous amount of harmful gases release into the atmosphere while making these polythene bags and plastic packaging. Don’t we ever try to think where these billions of polythenes go? We just throw it in the dump. 

But this waste is being burnt in the atmosphere. We can see ‘Garbage Mountain’ at Delhi’s Ghazipur. Now, Just have an idea how much pollution they create in a single day across the country by burning this waste. One more super important cause of poisonous air is episodic agricultural burning. Government did a favor on atmosphere by banning this activity. But we are human. We can’t understand easily until we die. Right? Lakhs of people died during the pandemic lately, and we were just worried to make the vaccine as soon as possible to save human beings. People used masks and sanitizers cautiously. But when are we going to think about saving the environment? When there will be no fresh air available? When people will die due to lack of fresh air ? 

Let me remind you, we won’t be able to create any vaccine at that moment. Today every type of chaos is there in the country. People are fighting over temples and mosques, politics, celebrities and several other less important issues. But no one is paying attention to this dangerous threat. Dumb issues are trending on Twitter but the environmental issue is being ignored. We just satisfy ourselves by putting all the blame for pollution on development. But we can see in other countries, development is happening without creating pollution. In fact, they are developed countries. Can’t development take place without creating pollution in our country? Just see where we are heading. Aren’t we creating a serious threat to our existence ?

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