Indian Postal System : The pivotal flaws and loopholes that were unbridled.

With over 154,965 Post offices, of which 139,067 are in rural areas of India. For over 15 
decades, the Indian postal system had served and contributed in amplification of mail 
dropping and communication services in the country. India post’ the largest postal network in 
the world’ has triumphed in connecting people across the country. 
Despite the fact that India post’ is widely spread across the countryside, it also has 
anonymous chinks and loopholes. First and foremost, the post offices in the countryside are 
actually imperceptible and covert. There is no definite location of post offices in the remote 
areas. You can’t easily unearth and detect them. In several instances, it has found that the 
local postmaster has shifted the post office to his personal room. Also, they are occasionally 
available for work. 
You may have bumped into a common contingency when your speed post’s expected 
delivery has delayed for epochs. The mail carrier in some remote areas doesn’t really attempt 
to collect the parcels and letters for weeks. 
De facto, in a recent occurrence, some despoilers used postal service for the transportation of 
imperilled parts of animals to overseas. It was reported that a clique of poachers were using 
Indian postal services to send jeopardised Pangolin scales and lamella to Kolkata from where 
the parcels were sent to Nepal, Bhutan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand and other Southeast 
Asian countries. It’s genuinely hysterical and uproarious but at the same time a serious matter 
of threat. For a moment you can imagine how our postal system works and scrutinises the 
consignments at the checking points across the trail. 
Not all consignments disseminating through India Post’s speed post are checked and scanned 
at the hub stations. All the parcels and consignments are booked directly by the staff of India 
Post thereafter, they restrain the consignments to the Inter circle hubs (ICS) and then 
dispatched for the destination pin code. As claimed by India Post, any official can check and 
scan the consignment of he or she found the article sceptical. But nobody genuinely cares. 
It’s a major loophole in the postal system that poachers and other bootleggers Qui tacet 
consentit. India post can’t really depend on the airport’s security checks.

Section 6 of India Post Office act 1898 states, “The Government shall not incur any liability 
by the loss, mis-delivery or delay of, or damage to, any postal article in course of 
transmission by post, except in so far as such liability may in express terms be undertaken by 
the Centre as hereinafter provided; and no officer of the Post Office shall incur any liability 
by reason of any such loss, mis-delivery, delay or damage, unless he has caused the same 
fraudulently or by his wilful act or default.” 
The officials may not inform you about the loss of your article or even bother to check the 
customer’s complaint. The delayed response and the onerous services is also a matter of 
concern. A customer having an undercurrent or temper of claiming the money for his lost 
package need to file a complaint with the consumer court. Though, the court’s loopholes need 
not to be discussed. 
India post was not meant for making profits or contribute a bulk in the economy rather, it was 
authorised in order to serve the folks in countryside. But, we can’t really repudiate the facts 
that India Post is in enormous loss. Also, the employees working in the institution feel a 
lower self-esteem, as I have seen in certain instances. Having an inferiority complex may 
rummage through the workforce and encourage drudgery. Post offices have not been entirely 
digitalised since a few decades. Through this column, I dearly urge the readers to discuss and 
question the government or the concerned emanate.

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