Mouse Rain In Australia

Historical background 

Since house mice introduced to Australia by the European masters along with the first fleet in 1788 since then Australia faced the outbreak of mice explosion many times. 
usually, It occurs in the grain-growing region of Australia, 
the plague of 1917 was one of the most devastating ever saw by Australia.
In the world, China and  Australia are the two countries that have the problem of a mouse plague.

Plague outbreak in Australia
After a long tenure of droughts and wildfire in Australia Rural North-south wale part of Australia has a bumper crop this year because of the wet season. 
But this rapid increase in food stock and grains led to the explosion of mouse population not in buffer stocks but even at the houses of the people. 
As per the guardian report plague has so far cost the business upwards of $30,000 and is unsure how much longer they can continue "
A terrible outbreak of the worst plague in the decades,
The government of new south wales has extended the support of 50 million dollars to farmers to overcome this disaster. 
To eradicate the plague government even approved the outlawed poison called bromadiolone.
This plague started being reporting around Mid-March in the eastern part of Australia 
As per the report of live science, many of the farmer's grain harvests ended by the mice plague.
As per some reports, residents of the affected area reported that mice are falling from the rooftop of their houses 
According to victoria's health department, 2200 different species of rodents  exists and Australia has more than 60 different native species 
Not just agricultural stuff but it has the potential to damage the domestic household commercial business manufacturers 
It can spread the disease like leptospirosis and typhus fever. They can also carry fleas that can harm pets and humans.

Increasing the ratio of zinc phosphide in mouse baits can minimize the breeding of mice 
Authorities in Australia allowed doubling the ratio of toxicity

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