Why 3D Printing Technology is rapidly progressing in every field!

We are all aware that technology is rapidly progressing in every field, whether it is in space, robotics, agriculture or even our day-to-day activities. It can’t be denied that the use of technology has become an indispensable part of our lives. In the field of construction, 3D Construction Printing technology is an incredible innovation.

Know the 3D Construction Printing technology

It includes several technologies that use 3D Printing for construction practices. Other names of 3D construction printing are Additive Construction, Autonomous robotics construction system, Freedom construction or Large Scale Addictive Manufacturing.

Methods of 3D Printing used for construction practices

• Extrusion (cement, wax, foam, polymers)

• Powder bonding

• Additive Welding 

Advantages of 3D Printing technology

• Faster Construction 

• Lower costs 

• Ease of Construction 

• DIY construction

• Accuracy 

• Less Waste 

Some examples of 3D Construction Printing 

• World’s first 3D Printed School in Madagascar

Non-profit organization thinking huts and its partners are building 3d printed schools in Madagascar. Printing the walls took just 18 hours. Absence of infrastructure is a barrier to deliver education in many countries. This technology can solve such problems in which school can be built-in a week with less money while emitting less Co2 than traditional construction.

• 3D Printed houses in China 

In China, 10 houses of approximately 100m² were built in only 24 hours by a Chinese engineering company ‘Winsundecoration design.’ Waste material like recycled rubble, fibreglass, steel, cement, and binder is used in the construction of the houses.

• Spain’s 3D Printed Pedestrian concrete bridge

World’s first 3D printed pedestrian concrete bridge was built in Alcobendas in Spain. Length of the bridge is 12 m and width is 1.75 m.

• India’s first 3D Printed house

A single-Storey house of 600 square feet is constructed by the ‘Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions’—a start-up by alumni of IIT Madras. It took only 5 days to build the house. As per Tvasta’s official blog, “The implementation can reduce labour costs as low as 1/5th when compared to traditional construction practices. Today, the construction 3D printing industry is booming and advancing to much faster and cheaper methods. A standard 3D printer can produce a 2,000 sq ft home in less than a week,  which is 1/8th of the total time spent today in erecting a functioning house. When it comes to waste materials, this technology creates only 1/3rd of the waste generated using conventional building methods.

This technology is gaining popularity in the world. It can be used in construction of schools, houses, buildings, Bridges, hospitals, etc. It can solve the housing crisis in the world.



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